A cheesy snack for a rainy evening – Vegetable Toastie

So it rained in Perth yesterday. Rains in Perth are a unheard phenomenon, it hardly rains here. It is like the guest that visits your home once in a blue moon for a few minutes, promises to come back but never shows up, making you feel that you have done something wrong to make the guest angry.

1-IMG_5992But the rains yesterday were like the rains back home, it poured all day and make me miss the Mumbai rains, when it rained in Mumbai, the water just plummets from the sky like a million taps turned on at the same time drenching everything in its path. The leaves turned a deep shade of green; the earth exhumes a beautiful perfume, inhaling your senses. Long drives happen out of the blue, everyone went for impromptu picnics and the romance that the rains brought was straight out of mills and boons story book.

1-IMG_5995Rains also make me always crave for hot Pakoras (Onion bhajis) and steaming cups of Ginger Tea. However I couldn’t be bothered making something really oily, I just did not have the energy.  Since I had some left over vegetables left in my fridge and a piece of “French Breadstick” which I had brought to have with a Soup, I decided to dump the soup and make Vegetable toasties instead.

1-IMG_5993I make these Toasties often as a Starter when I have guests over and sometimes even for breakfast or a snack depending on whatever takes my fancy. One can try a variety of vegetables for the toasties, I used whatever I could lay my hands on from my fridge, added some Cheese, a big glug of Olive oil and let the oven do the cooking while I stared at the rain, pinning away for home. I feel this is a fun dish for kids as you can make it really colorful by adding different colored peppers as well. It is a pretty looking Toastie and goes well with the Ginger tea that I have kept on the gas while these little beauties grill in the oven.

Cooking time (10 – 15 minutes, makes 10 – 15 toasties)

1 big French stick

½ Zucchini cut into small squares (this will make it faster to cook)

1  cup Button Mushrooms (chopped into small pieces, like the Zucchini)

1 large onion chopped

Grated Mozzarella or Cheddar cheese, as much as you like. I usually go overboard with it.

Salt & Pepper to taste

Red Chilli flakes depending on your taste

Freshly chopped Parsley

A generous helping of Olive oil.

Cut the french stick into equal portions, making sure the pieces can lay flat on baking tray or the toppings will fall off.

Mix all the vegetables, Cheese, Salt, Pepper, Parsley, Chilli flakes and Olive Oil together.

Take spoonfuls of the filling and gently press them on each Toastie.

Bake for 10 – 15 minutes in a 160 degrees C preheated oven, keeping an eye on them to make sure the bread doesn’t burn. Serve hot and enjoy.





One thought on “A cheesy snack for a rainy evening – Vegetable Toastie

  1. Haha, that is such a good description of rain in Australia (specifically the West Coast!). I’m always ill-equipped when rain finally arrives! Love the idea of these veggie cheese toasties, what a great way to get a cheese fix with some nutritious veggies as well. And ALWAYS chilli flakes. I am in love with chilli, on everything…! xx

    1. I just hate the way it rains here Laura. It’s not fun at all. BTW my husband wants chilli flakes on everything so it is something I have to add on everything I make or he will grab the bottle of Nandos peri peri sauce and destroy whatever I have made.

  2. We on the other hand experience rains often and round the year in Sydney. I crave all kinds of fried food with spices during the heavy downpour when I have to be locked up inside. A toastie is a much healthy and nutritious option. Mushroom, mozzarella and chiili flakes….can you ever go wrong!

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