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A Handbook for my Lover – Rosalyn D’Mello -

For you the choicest meat; drumsticks, plump ones, from Republic of Chicken. I washed them, made incesions at the the intersections between flesh and flesh, and with my bare fingers, I rubbed the marinade so it would seep into the bones.

For you a Feast


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Processed with VSCO with t2 preset


This was the first chapter that I accidentally ended up reading of Roselyn D’Mellos ‘A handbook for my Lover, ‘ and I was hooked. An epiphany of longings, a lithograph of desires,  this book is food for a lovers soul. A deeply sensuous and erotic book it makes the reader aware of the appallingly excruciating pain and ecstasy associated with lust, love and all its shenanigans.


This is not a vulgar book nor is this a book for an insipid being. You have to feel passion running like blood through your veins to understand this book. Each word measured, each feeling intense, It is a deeply erotic book written by a passionate woman for a man who arouses all the desires that she is more than willing to expose.


The book begins with the author talking about the purpose of a striptease and why it has to be done a certain way. Too little and the object of your desire is not interested, and too much will give your game away. She finally concludes that the strip tease is not complete until she strips him too. Page by page, chapter by chapter she chronologically writes about her her life with this man who is her lover, an older unattached man who will not commit to her or hand over the keys to his home which she inhabits with him.


She doesn’t describe his physical attributes. You have no idea how he looks like, but you can see the image of him in her mind. They say wit and lust are two deadly aphrodisiacs and when you can find both in one person, you know you are doomed. I found them both in this book. The book is not funny, there are no jokes that crack you up, and you will not relate to how she feels if you have not felt the same for someone before. As a reader, I became a willing audience watching this ballad of love that the author carried out with her lover. Not only does she wants to devour his body, but she also wants to engage his mind, and that is what makes her go back to him again and again everytime they fight.


Throughout the book, it is very evident that here was is a woman who knows exactly what she wants from the man in her life and is not ashamed to admit it. There is no coyness, no acts of a damsel in distress, there is no shame, no guilt and more than that there is no uncertainty.


She wants, and she makes you want her want.


Touch this book at your own peril because with each chapter you will feel that you are drawn deeper not just in the writer’s bedroom amongst the covers of her satin sheets, watching the pallu of her saree slip from her shoulders. But you will also be in her kitchen as she cooks a meal for him and stand with her in his drawing room which offers a window to her soul.


“Words are aphrodisiacs. They evoke the smell and fell off the substances they suggest. They tempt and lure with their promise of tangible things, and of worlds outside my reach. They inflict me with lust, they fill me with want. Words become substitutes for your touch”. – Roselyn D’Mello