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A homeless Diwali -

 आज मेरा दिल फ़िक्र में है

रोशनियों के शहर

आज की शब जब दिए जलायें, ऊँची रखें लौफ़ैज़

There’s a worry nestled in my breast,

O the City of Lights!

Tonight when you light your lamps, keep the flame on high.

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

Every Indian expat will tell you how much they miss the motherland during Diwali. The vibrancy in the atmosphere, cleaning of not just our houses but also our souls and making Diwali faral (Sweets and Savoury Snacks) is such a huge part of the festival. Most of us try to recreate the atmosphere in our adopted countries. Social media gets bombarded with messages and pictures of friends and family celebrating Diwali together which makes the festival longing even more profound. But when you are traveling during this time and away from even the house that you now call home, the festival becomes a little bit bittersweet. It is hard to explain the feeling that you go through knowing you are so far away from the comfort of welcoming hugs, hands that lovingly feed you delectable sweets and a lot of good cheer all around.

The state of the heart is such that even my gods who are traveling with me are feeling out of place. So to cheer everyone up I managed to buy some sweets from a local Indian shop and lit some Diyas to make my home away from home a little bearable. Because it doesn’t matter how long the darkness is. As long as you can illuminate a small light somewhere in your heart and soul, things would be ok.

I hope that today on the day of Diwali you all are in a huggable distance of the ones you love and the ones that are loved by you. May this Diwali bring cheer, prosperity and lots of good food. Happy Diwali to all.