A special soup for the special people who read my blog – Pea and Mint soup

While walking home from work today my friend S messaged me and told me that his beautiful wife J follows my blog and she has cooked a few of the recipes I have posted and they were very pleased on how good they turned out.

The message made me so happy that I almost floated my way home. I was filled with resolve on making my blog better and more interesting so anyone who reads it can feel instantly connected to it and try some of the recipes that I post. 
I kept thinking that I should try and make something different tonight but one of the perils of being a working woman are that by the time you reach home after a long day at work you are exhausted and drained out of all energy. And then when you have to prepare Dinner and lunch for the next day and also think what you will have for breakfast the next morning, by the time you are done with all that there is no stamina left to try something new and exciting. 
So as I was reaching home the little bubble on my head was ready to burst. But I shook myself up and started to rummage through the fridge thinking of what I should make that could be easy and also a little special. 
I started to look at the cookbooks and blogs I access and came across a Pea and Mint soup on a Donna Hay blog which instantly got my attention.
Soups have lately become a part of my daily diet and the only 2 soups in my repertoire are a Pumpkin & Spinach soup. I have never made any other soups and cannot be bothered to make elaborate ones and do all the preparations.  However this soup looked fresh and fairly easy to make, which gave me the confidence that I could make it without breaking into sweat.
I was happy with the results and by the time I finished my bowl I was a very happy person.
Recipe for a Pea and Mint soup:
3 cups (360g) frozen green peas
4 medium sized Potatoes
1.5 liters Chicken Stock (I boiled 1.5 liters of water and added Chicken stock powder)
½ cup single Cream
1 tablespoon finely chopped Mint
Sea salt and cracked Black Pepper
½ cup (120g) Sour Cream to serve the Soup with.

Take the Frozen Peas (no need to thaw them) and Chop the Potatoes.
 But them all together in a big bowl with Chicken Stock. 
 Bring them to a boil and then cover and let them cook till the Potatoes are tender. 

Let the Potatoes and Peas cool down and then blend them in a mixer till nice and smooth. 
Pour the mixture back in the bowl and add the single Cream to it.
 Once the soup starts to boil add the chopped Mint, Salt and Pepper to it.

Let it boil for 5 minutes and the soup is ready.

To make the Soup extra special you can serve it some Pepper Sour cream. 

Recipe for the Pepper Sour cream:

 Add 2 teaspoons of Sour Cream in a small bowl (If you are serving more than 1 person increase the quantity of the Sour Cream. I go with 2 spoons per person). 

Add the Pepper to the cream and mix well.

Pour the soup in bowls and put a nice big dollap of the sour Cream on top to decorate the soup. The Sour cream gives a nice kick to the soup which would otherwise be too bland. 

I hope you will enjoy this soup as much as I did. Do leave your comments and feedback to let me know.
Lessons Learned: I did not like the Mint leaves coming in mouth while drinking the soup. Next time I will blend the leaves with the Peas and Potatoes itself and see how it goes.

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