A stew for passion – Fish stew in white Wine

We all love to be around people who share the similar passions with us don’t we? A few weeks ago I visited “Taste Budds Cooking Studio” which is a delightful cooking classes run by the very pretty “Sophie Budd”. I am always keen to learn new things and when I discovered her classes I knew I had to join them.


Sophie who is quiet a celebrity chef herself in Perth had worked with famous chefs like Rick Steins and Jamie Oliver. Her love of food was evident in the kind of food she made and the classes she conducted.  The more I read about her and her cooking studio, the more intrigued I got. So I enrolled for the “Italian Summer” classes, since Italian food is my favorite.


We met on a rather chilly Tuesday evening at her studio. The group was an eclectic mix of men and women from different walks of life sharing the same passion for good food. We learned to make some gorgeous Roasted Zucchini rolls, Ravioli, Gnocchi, Fish Stew, Foccacia bread and a Ricotta Tart for dessert. Sophie personally supervised all tables patiently answering all our questions. I came home inspired to make some of the delicious dishes I had learned. And I did just that.


The first dish I made was the very heartening Fish stew. It is extremely easy to make and doesn’t take much of an effort. I added some chili flakes while serving it to give it a kick and served it with some toasted crusty Bread on the side.


The stew is very filling and we can use almost any type of Fish that we like. I could not find any “Mussels” in the local fish market so I tried “Vangole”, which according to the fish monger were a bit like “Clams”.  Frankly speaking “D” and I ate so much that we couldn’t move.  We just moped the bowl up with the left over bread and whatever the Bread couldn’t get we used our tongues to lick it up.


Try it and tell me what you think?

Recipe (Serves 2, cooking time 40 minutes)


1 large Onion finely chopped

1 tin good quality canned Tomatoes (400 gms)

3 Garlic cloves crushed or chopped finely

1 cup dry white Wine

Salt and Pepper to taste

Handful of Basil

200 gms Prawns (you can shell and peel them)

300 gms fillet of any fish (I used Barramundi and Snapperl)

150 gms Mussells/Clams or Vangole

Red Chilli Flakes to sprinkle on top (optional)

1 tbsp good quality Olive Oil

Some crusty toasted Bread to serve


1) Wash and clean the fish and keep it aside. Heat a heavy bottomed pan and add the Olive oil. Once the pan is hot add the Garlic and Onion and saute till translucent.

2) Put the can of tinned tomato in the pan and add the wine. Mix well and cover allowing it to cook on a low flame for 15 minutes.

3) Add the Basil, Salt and Pepper. Mix well and add the fish in layers adding the Prawns first. After 2 minutes add the fillet fish, cover and cook for 2 – 3 minutes.

4) Now add the Vangole and cover and let the stew cook gently. You will know the stew is ready when the Vangole open up. Any unopened Vangole should be discarded.

5) Serve the soup in big bowls garnished with some Chilli flakes with toasted crusty Bread.

Enjoy this bowlful of goodness.

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