A visit to the Chef’s Kitchen – St Leonard’s -

Remember how I said a few days ago that we were trying very hard to only eat vegetarian food. Well, guess what it isn’t working that well. Especially when you are invited to a place whose chef is supposed to serve one of the best burgers in Sydney.




Meat lovers in Sydney would happily vouch for the fantastic burgers made by Chef Charles Curnow at @chef’s Kitchen. Chef Curnow not only minces the meat in-house but all makes all the sauces for the burgers himself and his passion for ensuring that the food that comes out of his kitchen is excellent, shows in every single bite.




We ordered the following:


Loaded Pulled Pork Fries – Deep fried thick cut chips which were hot and crispy, loaded with delicious soft pulled pork, Cheese sauce, Bacon & BBQ sauce.

Smoked southern fried chicken wings with ranch dressing, the chicken was so delightfully crispy and crunchy.


The considerable portion size of the starters meant we were almost full, but then the greed to eat a juicy burger always takes over the fact that you have a tiny appetite and we ordered 2  burgers.




Bandit which was house made Wagyu pattie beef chili with high melt Cheese, smoked Onion dip and chipotle bbq sauce made by the chef himself with pickles and onion rings.


Meaty Menage which was Wagyu pattie, 14-hour brisket, a rasher of Bacon, American Cheddar cheese, and house-made special sauce.

The meat juicy and tender, melting in our mouths with the gentlest of bites and the buns as soft as a baby’s bottom, made me feel a tad bit guilty for the overindulgence but then we were the only one judging ourselves at the table so we ate till we couldn’t move from the table.





This is not a fancy place, the pub in which the kitchen was located had an almost run down feel. But the food so honest and delicious made up for everything else. As we licked our fingers clean, groaning in agony with a bursting tummy we vowed never to eat so much again but secretly knowing that we would go back for one more bite.