The Modern Desi is borne from the successful food blog, Just A Girl From Aamchi Mumbai.

The story is rooted with Bhavna a “Girl from Mumbai" who moved to Perth then Sydney Australia, for work and start an exciting new life adventure with her husband.

A few months into living in Australia, Bhavna started to feel sick with symptoms of listlessness, lack of energy and an overall feeling of emptiness.

A doctor’s advice was to “start eating food that she ate while growing up” thus starting Bhavna on a culinary journey to recreate the authentic, real flavours of India that are almost unknown outside of the sub-continent . . . the food that we hear about in family stories, the grandmother recipes that have been passed down for genaration's are cooked seasonally, providing a holistic nourishment to body mind and soul.

Dishes like Dhaba Dal, Labra, Dal Pakwan, Sindhi Kadhi, food that she ate back home – which are typically not found in Australia healed her body and opened her soul to creatively expressing herself through cooking, writing, and photography.

This was the beginning of what many people from around the globe know her as “Just A Girl From Aamchi Mumbai".

Close to eleven years of living in Australia, Bhavna’s relationship with food is stronger evolving with her new environment, lifestyle and self-growth.

Now in her next chapter of Bhavna’s food journey “The Modern Desi Co" a symbolic representation of the person, culture and product of India who is living her cultural roots whilst balancing an evolution that has come with time, experience and her adventures in Australia.

Our Vision

To Connect Culture's Through Food.

One of the things that connect's people of various backgrounds, beliefs and norms is food.

We’ve seen this through the Just A Girl From Mumbai blog where people from around the world – India, the US, Europe, Asia and Australia – come together to not only salivate over the food but also read about the stories that come with every food picture, resonating with them and reminding them of their own journey.

Our vision is to break down barriers of different languages, time zones and recipes. Connect people and their culture's through a shared love and appreciation of authentic food, made from a combination of past narratives and stories of new experience.