An Indian dessert using a very Australian Yogurt – Shrikhand

They say beauty needs no ornaments, the simplest and the plainest of things sometimes are the ones that touch your heart more then anything else. I guess it is the same with food. There are times when the most basic of ingredients can form the  most heart warming of dishes that you can ever  make. And for me Curd/yogurt or Dahi  is that simple ingredient that lends an extra charm to a lot of things I make in my kitchen.

1-IMG_3925Curd is a huge part of our food culture. It is something that is used commonly in most Indian states that use a lot of Milk based products in their cuisine. One doesn’t have to look very far when one needs to understand the importance of Curd in the Hindu tradition. Curd is added to ‘Panchaamrit’ that is a nectar made from 5 ingredients offered to God during important prayers, which says a lot about something as humble as curd. Not only is it used to cook or eaten as an accompaniment but we also apply it generously to our hair and skin to provide nourishment to them. It is an excellent hair conditioner and great softener for dry, parched skin. Learning how to make Curd was the first thing I learned in my mother’s kitchen and let’s face it, a bowl of perfectly set Curd is something that makes us really proud doesn’t it?

1-IMG_3870So you can see Curd runs in our veins, it is an essential part of who we are and one of the most beautiful things one can do with it is make “Shrikhand”. Shrikhand is a lovely mouth watering treat made in the western parts of India using fresh Curd which is drained and chilled. It does not require any cooking and is very simple to make. It is also my husband’s favorite dessert as he grew up eating it and relishes it with particular glee.

1-IMG_3904And I felt that if I had to make something using Curd, there was nothing better that could do justice to this beautiful product in its entirety then Shrikhand. As someone who makes her own curd I am very particular about it and was pleasantly surprised how creamy and soft the yogurt from Chobani was.

1-IMG_4020It was set perfectly and tasted really good even on its own. Making Shrikhand with Chobani was literally a child’s play and after draining it over night, I just took 10 minutes to put it all together. The end result is for you to see.

1-Food 24The Shrikhand was silky, luscious and melted in my mouth, the honey and the Cardamom powder blending together in a beautiful symphony, cold and tantalizing the taste buds.  I think I finally found a yogurt that I could buy off the shelf and use in my cooking on a day to day basis.

Recipe (No cooking required)

1 1/2 cup of Chobani Greek Yogurt (I used a low fat version)

1 tbsp Honey or 1/2 cup Caster Sugar (You can increase the quantity of honey if you want the Shrikhand a little sweet)

1 tsp fresh Cardamom powder

a few strands of Saffron

1 tbsp Milk

few slivers of Pistachio to garnish.

Place the yogurt in a cheese cloth on a bowl and let it drain overnight till the yogurt is thick to an almost cheese like consistency.

The next day take the yogurt out of the cheese cloth and place it a bowl. Warm the milk and add the Saffron and kept it aside till it is cold. Mix the milk in the Yogurt very gently.

Add the Cardamom powder and honey and stir gently. Chill in the fridge till you are ready to serve.

Garnish with Pistachios and a few strands on Saffron before you serve it chilled.

Disclaimer : This is not a paid product review. The yogurt was brought by me and tested without any monetary benefits from Chobani.





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