An ode to summery days – Caramelised Fig & Jaggery Kulfi

The weather in Sydney seems to be temperamental lately. Someday the sky is pitch black with clouds swimming around with their bellies full of rain, ready to burst any minute. The short walk from home to the train station and the station to the office becomes a rushed one because you are worried about getting drenched. The cold breeze makes you shiver to your bones and you pull your jacket closer to your body to get some much needed warmth.


And suddenly just like that the Black clouds disappear from whichever place they came from to be replaced by the brightest sunshine that can ever bask in. The warm Sun touches your bare arms and your wistful face reminding it to smile more. And this is the thing about the Sun, when it shines, it makes you want to feel alive, feel the need to live in the moment and  enjoy everything that it brings in its wake.

And when you think of the warmth it brings, a chilled Ice cream always seems to be a good way to enjoy its full glory.



The cold Ice cream melts with the heat of your mouth, all over your fingers and in the cup or cone you hold it in. Such a delicious way to say Thank you to the sun for being such a positive life source. Since “Figs” are in abundance this summer, I decided that what could be better than making “Fig Kulfi”.



Kulfi is the Indian version of Ice Cream made with thickened Milk cooked over a slow flame to make it rich and creamy. Various ingredients then go in to add flavor and texture to the milk and it becomes a source of heavenly glory after setting it up in a freezer for a while. The addition of Jaggery gives the Kulfi a caramel flavor and taste adding depth and texture to an otherwise plain Jane.



Recipe (Cooking time 60 minutes or a little more, setting time 6 hours)   

1 liter full Cream Milk

2 – 3 tbsp Jaggery

A few Pistachios to add in the Kulfi

6 Figs

2 tsp Sugar

Heat milk in a thick bottomed pan and let it come to a boil. Reduce the heat and let the milk cook till it has reached half of its consistency.

Add 2 tbsp of Jaggery and  let it thicken (I usually have a little taste and only add the remaining Jaggery if I fill the Milk is not sweet enough).

Caramlise the Figs:

While the Milk is slowly reducing, heat a pan. Cut the Figs in half and spread the sugar in a plate. Rub the Figs on the side that is cut and rub it on the Sugar.

Place the figs on the Tawa (the side that is coated with Sugar) and let them gently caramlise for 10 minutes.

You can add the Pistachios on the same pan so they also get Caramlised.

Let the Figs cool a little before you gently scoop out the flesh and mash it a little. You can add the juices from the pan to the Milk as well along with the flesh and the caramlised Pistachios.

Cook for 5 – 10 minutes more  and turn off the heat.

Let the Milk cool completely before pouring it a Aluminum tin or individual moulds and freeze for atleast 6 hours.










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  1. Thats it? So easy? I never knew Kulfi is so easy to make! Wow! I am still amazed! I am going to try this with just some nuts.. I dont get fig here now..

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