Basic Indian Masala – For days you want homecooked food

I am often asked for the recipe of the Masala I make for the week and stock up in my fridge. While I would love to cook fresh food every day, the fact of the matter is I can’t. So, the choice is between eating out or cooking in bulk and stocking up the fridge for the week. End of the day my theory is that while the Masala may have not been made on the day, it is still homemade and I know every ingredient that has gone into it without any preservatives. And this is how I manage to cook and eat homemade food almost every day without breaking a sweat.




I don’t add any spices to the masala besides the bay leaves because you can then do whatever you wish with it. Like somedays, I will temper it with cumin seeds, Ginger garlic paste and then add some vegetables. On other days I will add Mustard seeds and curry leaves and add Prawns, which the husband loves. And if I am in the mood for some indulgence, I will use Butter and Cream and make a silken luscious Paneer based curry. So really this masala is versatile and just needs some jazzing up.




Like tonight I came home from work and quickly made this “Aloo Mutter (Potatoes & Peas) using this masala and dinner was sorted just like that.


Here is the recipe for the “Onion & Tomato Masala” for the week


8 onions roughly chopped

6 tomatoes roughly chopped

5 bay leaves

2 tbsp vegetable oil


Heat the oil in a pan and add Bay leaves

Add the onions, cover and cook till they have slightly caramelized

Add the tomatoes and cook till mushy

Cool and purée


Tip: you can freeze individual portions of this Masala in zip lock bags in the freezer.


The masala will stay fresh in the fridge for 3-4 days. Use a clean, dry spoon every time you want to use some.


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