Beat your Biryani Blues – Fish Biryani with Shan Masala

While most people love to indulge in this treat, not everyone wants to make it. There seems to be this belief that making a Biryani is hard. Well making a great Biryani can be an elaborate process but not a hard one. With the right ingredients, you can quickly make a decent Biryani at home or even a fabulous one if you are ready to go the extra mile.



I am yet to find someone who doesn’t like a good Biryani. There is something so delicate and luxurious about it. A complete meal in itself this famed Rice dish is a delight if you know how to make it well. Thankfully you don’t need to be a chef who knows all the spices that one needs when Biryani blue strikes.


You can use the Shaan Biryani Mix like I do when I want to make a special Biryani without worrying about what masala to add and what to skip. Made with just a few ingredients this Fish Biryani is so easy to make that it was almost a pleasant surprise that it was even possible to make something so delicious that you thought would take up so much of your time.



Recipe (Serves 6, cooking time 60 minutes)


750 gms filleted fish (I used a seafood marinara mixture and Barramundi fillets)

750 gms (Basmati Rice, washed and soaked for 30 minutes)

Three medium Onions finely sliced

Two tbsps Garlic Paste

1 ¼ cups plain Yogurt

½ cup Soya leaves

½ cup Cilantro fresh Coriander

10 – 15 Green Chillies whole, slit from one side

Four tbsp Lemon Juice

One ½ cup Oil or Ghee

One packet Shan Fish Biryani Mix


Mix Lemon Juice, Shan Fish Biryani Mix, and Garlic. Apply the mixture to the fish and set it aside to marinate for half an hour.


Heat half a cup of Ghee/Oil and fry 2 sliced Onions for few minutes. Then add marinated Fish, green chilies, and fresh Coriander.


Fry until oil separates from the masala. Stir in Yogurt. Cover and cook on medium heat until the Fish is tender. Avoid over mixing the Fish.


Separately: Take 2 tablespoons of Ghee/Oil and fry the Soya leaves for about 2 minutes.


Add 12 glasses of water and 2 tablespoons Salt. Bring to boil and add the soaked Rice. Cook until the rice is three-quarter tender. The drain the liquid thoroughly.


Spread half the rice in a pot and evenly pour the cooked fish and masala over it. Then spread and cover it with remaining.


Heat the remaining 1 cup oil/ghee and fry the remaining 1 sliced Onion until golden. Pour this evenly over the rice. Cover and cook on low heat until the rice is tender.


Serve with some chopped Coriander and dried Onion.

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