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Being friends with Masala & Meatballs -

I believe that a Cookbook is for life, especially a cookbook that you like and love. I recently bought one such book, “Masala and Meatballs” which is an Indian cookbook with an American twist by Asha who runs the very popular blog called “Food Fashion Party.” I have known Asha through Instagram, and we bonded over our desiness. I remember her telling me over a year ago that she had signed a book deal and the excitement that I felt because I knew how hard working and innovative she was and also how much this meant to her.




So the waiting game began where over a year I watched her successfully balance her home, 2 kids, her career, her blog, her own sense of style and creativity and still find the time to develop recipes, style them and work towards numerous edits and countless sleepless nights. And every day this woman sounded composed and together. To top it all, she kept sharing her fantastic food on her Instagram handle, which BTW you have to check out even if you don’t love food, just for the visual appeal.




The book arrived at my office a day before I was leaving for India. So, after I did a little dance, touched it, smelled it (yes I love smelling books) looked at the beautiful pictures and made a mental note of what all I wanted to try. Upon my return, since work consumed me I kept postponing cooking from the book as I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted to use the best utensils, style the shoot and take great pictures but just couldn’t find the time. Till I realized that friends don’t care about perfection, they just care that you are there.




So I kicked myself and spent some time checking out the recipes and decided to make the “Chickpea & Cauliflower Stew with Apple and Onion Salad.” I also decided to serve the stew with “Mangalore Buns,” another winner from her book. Both the recipes were super easy, it took me little time to put them together and who would have thought a spicy stew would taste so delicious with sweet bread. And what a perfect combination it was, one that will now feature on my dinner table quite a lot.


What can I say, I have found my cookbook for life. Order yours here: Masala & Meatballs