Category: Indian Flat Breads

Weekend Indulgence with Sweet Potato Paratha
Broccoli Parathas – Flatbread stuffed with Broccoli
Hum Dough kha chuke sanam – Aloo Kulche (Flatbread stuffed with spicy Potato filling)
Shan Diwali Breakfast – Achari Aloo
Coriander and Chilli Roti with a Delhiwaali
The king of Parathas – Mooli Parathas (Radish stuffed flatbread)
A cure for a stomach ache – Ajwain Paratha (Bishops weed flat bread)
For the love of Parathas – Mozzarella & Parsley stuffed Paratha (Flatbread stuffed with Mozzarella & Parsley)
I am not scared of the Paratha monster – Paneer Parathas (Indian flatbread with Cottage Cheese stuffing)