Category: Salad

Dal Salad with Sweet Potatoes, Beets & Coriander Pesto
Rajma (Kidney Beans) Salad
Hariyali Tofu Salad – Marinated Tofu in green Chutney with Salad
A warm salad for detoxing – Pumpkin Salad
Indian spiced grilled Chicken with Warm Kale & Bean Salad for days when you are Blue
Chana Zor Garam – Chana Chaat (Warm Chickpea Salad)
Indian Spiced Chicken Wraps with Apple & Walnut salad because a North Indian can eat Salad
A colourful salad for a moody day – Pumpkin & Chick pea salad
How to sprout Moong Beans in winter – Sprouted Moong Beans Salad
And life unravels itself – Potato fry with Peanuts (Warm Potato Salad wih Peanuts)
A lazy Sunday evening dinner – Warm Quinoa Salad with roasted Salmon and vegetables
A very Indian Salad – Koshimbir