Chandani chowk ki Rabri -

Milk plays a huge part in most North Indian desserts in fact there are some desserts which only have Milk as the main ingredient and everything else that goes in it is just there for special appearance. Like this big cauldron of “Rabri”, sweet, delicious, chilled, milky Rabri. Made with a lot of Milk cooked for hours and hours on a very low heat till it thickens into layers and layers of messy mushy slush that you can keep eating till there is no space left for it. Sugar and nuts are then added to give it flavour and depth and it is seriously addictive. I found this guy selling the sweetest “Rabri” on the streets of “Chandani Chowk”, It took a lot of effort not to jump in the cauldron to savor this thandi (chilled) Rabri.

There is no recipe for this on my blog because trust me this is one dessert that I have no time and energy to make. Happy to just stuff my face with someone else’s hard work in this case.