Cheat’s Raspberry Trifle to celebrate 2 special days

One of the most common question that people ask me is “What’s cooking” and when I sometimes answer “Nothing” I can almost sense the disappointment. I don’t know why people think that I am always in my kitchen, constantly churning out delicious meals on the drop of the hat.

1-IMG_0598Being a die hard foodie and a food blogger does not mean that one has to spend all  their time thinking about elaborate recipes and spending hours in the kitchen taking pictures and then whatever is left of the time is spent writing about it. Believe it or not I do have a life which does not involve cooking.

1-IMG_0521And there are days when I don’t want to cook at all and days when I take a lot of shortcuts to make something delicious because I am tired and cannot be bothered. Especially with desserts, believe it or not I find making desserts really cumbersome and if I am hosting guests for meals I resort to making desserts which can be easily put together and something that doesn’t kill me .

1-IMG_0536I mean why would I want to waste my time and energy slogging behind something that would be eaten last when I can make some spectacular main dishes. Not that I don’t enjoy desserts,  who doesn’t love a beautiful cake or pie or custard. We all do and I am not different. But I love my desserts to be simple and fuss free. So to celebrate Australia day for my adopted home country and Republic day for my beloved India I decided to make a delicious Donna Hay “Cheat’s Trifle”.

1-CannonTrifle can be a little cumbersome to make as there is so much to put together. But Donna Hay is famous for her fast, simple and fresh cooking and this amazing Trifle is all of that. Thankfully like India we don’t have dry days when we celebrate something collectively as a nation. In Australia no celebration is complete without booze and this trifle is full of it. I almost felt dizzy after having 2 of these 🙂 So while I sleep off the rest of the day, I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and hope our countries can grow and prosper

Here is the recipe: (I doubled the quantity of the original recipe as I as making 6 glasses, the recipe below only serves 2)

6 sponge finger biscuits
2 tablespoons raspberry or orange liqueur or sherry
1½ cups fresh or frozen raspberries (You can use Strawberries as well)
1½ tablespoons icing (confectioner’s) sugar
½ cup (125g) mascarpone cheese
½ cup (125ml) single (pouring) cream
1 tablespoon icing (confectioner’s) sugar, extra
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Divide the sponge finger biscuits between serving glasses and sprinkle with the liqueur.
Roughly mix together the raspberries and icing sugar with a fork breaking some of the raspberries and spoon over the biscuits.
Place the mascarpone, cream, extra icing sugar and vanilla in a bowl and whisk until thick.
Spoon mascarpone mixture over the raspberries and chill until ready to serve.

Recipe source : Donna Hay



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