Chicken Jalfrezi

I can easily cook Indian food for Indians. But cooking Indian food for non-Indians can be a challenge. Because a lot of them have eaten desi food at restaurants abroad and identify it with the particular dishes that they have eaten and then there is that request for that “Tikka Masala” or “Jalfrezi” which they have tried a million times and loved.



As a gracious host, you want to make what your guests will love, so you have to oblige. Hence when some Aussie friends came over for lunch and requested I make a “Chicken Jalfrezi,” I had a moment of panic attack. Because to be honest I have never made it before. Thankfully I could find a Jalfrezi spice mix from Shan Masalas, and it worked like a charm.



All I had to do was follow the recipe to the box and within 60 minutes I had a very delicious looking and smelling “Chicken Jalfrezi” ready for some keen and hungry guests. Fuss free and really simple to make I was quite happy with the way it turned out. Not too spicy, not too mild the dish went really well with Rice.


Recipe  (Cooking time 60 minutes Serves 4 -6 )

1 Kg Boneless chicken cut into small cubes

500 gms Tomato Puree

250 gms Tomato cut into cubes

2 medium Onions chopped into square pieces

2 Green Capsicum cut into square pieces

4 large Green chilies slit lengthwise

3 tbsp cooking Oil

1 packet of Shan Chicken Jalfrezi mix


Combine the Shan Chicken Jalfrezi mix in half cup of water and marinate the chicken in it for at least 30 minutes.

Heat oil in a pan and add the marinated Chicken and stir -fry for about 5 minutes.

Add the Tomato puree, cover and cook for 15 – 20 minutes.

Add the chopped Onion, Tomatoes, Capsicum and Green chilies. Stir fry for 5 minutes and turn off the heat.

Serve hot with boiled rice or noodles.

Tips for best results – Wash the Chicken with 2 Tbsp white vinegar in half cup of water before use.

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