Chicken Rizzala – Green Chicken Korma

I don’t think I will be wrong in assuming that most of us wait all week for the weekend to make an appearance. So we can hide under the blankets and pretend to be oblivious to what the day may hold. A day where we can kick our shoes, relax and unwind and not be bothered by the things that keep us occupied during the week. We wait for the much-wanted laziness to take over us because there is no real rush to go anywhere and we can surrender to it unabashedly without feeling an iota of guilt of missing out on anything.

IMG_5037[1]Most of us go out of our way to to make sure that the food we eat on the weekend is hardly relaxed. We want our food to be almost luxurious, a feast if I may call it that. Since all of us have memories of growing up on special weekend meals that our mothers so lovingly made for us, it has to be special.

IMG_5035[1]And this food can not be a hurried affair, it needs a little TLC, a little effort, a little panache. Like this beautiful “Chicken Rizzala”. The silky smooth gravy is not one that is bursting with overpowering flavors but has a very mild delicate taste to it.


The succulent pieces of boneless Chicken soak up all the flavors of the herby green gravy, almost falling apart with every bite. If you are not a meat eater, you can substitute the Chicken with some ‘Paneer’ (Cottage Cheese) and still enjoy this dish.



The recipe I have used is from Camellia Punjabi’s versatile cookbook “50 Great Curries of India”. I have completely skipped the “Cream” as I did not want to feel too guilty about indulging in a sinfully rich dish. I hope you enjoy making this dish as much as I do. But nonetheless, the dish tastes as delicious and thoughtful as we want our weekend meals to be.



Recipe Courtesy :Camellia Punjabi’s  “50 Great Curries of India”.



One thought on “Chicken Rizzala – Green Chicken Korma

  1. This looks absolutely delicious Bhavna! I do love eating korma but I’ve never tried the green version before. Your site is such a gorgeous resource for slightly unusual curries (meaning, some of the ones that I can’t find at my local Indian restaurant, haha). Definitely trying this xx

    1. Thank you Laura, my aim is to showcase Indian food that is not commonly found in the restaurants in Australia. Most restaurants here serve the same kind of cuisine. Hope you like it.

  2. Dear Bhavna, thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I made it last night for my family, and served it with naan and it was amazing!! It tasted exactly like a dish I had many, many years ago at the Jewel of Nizam Golkonda Hotel in Hyderabad and I’d been craving it ever since. This was my first recipe to try from your website, and I look forwarding to trying the others!

    1. Thank you so much Manal for firstly trying this dish and secondly taking the time to stop and write to me. The recipe is from one of the best Indian cook books and tastes delicious always. I love the creamy texture of the Curry. Glad you liked it as well.

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