Chutney Diaries 5 – Rajasthani spicy Garlic Chutney

I must admit I was worried about my “Chutney Diaries” series as I just could not think of a good chutney recipe to make at all. However my worries were over when my sister in law served me this very spicy and delicious ‘Garlic Chutney” for lunch during my recent holiday.

She is from Rajasthan which is a state known for its elaborate and royal cuisine and my sister in law is a fabulous cook and makes some really exotic food from the state whenever we visit her. And this chutney was no exception.

She told me that it was a specialty of Rajasthan and is usually eaten during winters with “Bajra (Maize) Rotis”. The main ingredient in this recipe is obviously Garlic which is a staple in Indian cuisine. Garlic has medicinal properties and especially in winters when you have cold and flu, a small amount of garlic every day helps in a quick recovery.


The chutney is really spicy and needs to be eaten in moderate quantities with anything you desire. There are also a lot of different ways of using Garlic to make chutneys but this is my sister in laws way and we all love it.

Recipe (cooking time 30 minutes)

3 Bulbs of Garlic (around 6 – 7 cloves per Bulb and we used really big Bulbs so the Cloves were big as well)

3 medium sized Tomatoes pureed (Use fresh Tomatoes only)

1 Onion medium sized (grated with a cheese grater)

5 – 6 dry Red chilies

1 tbsp Green peas

Salt to taste

½ tsp Turmeric Powder

1 tsp Sugar (Optional)

1 ½ tbsp Mustard Oil

1) Soak the Red Chilies in a tbsp of Water and leave it overnight. The next day just grind it to a fine paste. If you are really pressed for time just soak the chilies in Hot water for 15 minutes.

2) Heat oil in a pan till it is smoking. Chop the Garlic into rough pieces and add them in the oil and sauté till slightly Brown but not burnt.

3) Now add the grated Onion and sauté till the Oil starts to separate. Now add the Tomato puree and cook it till it becomes a little thick and any excess water in the Tomato has evaporated.

4) Add the Salt, Turmeric powder, Green Peas, Red Chili paste and Sugar and cook on a low flame for 10 minutes. Cool and put in an airtight container and serve as desired.

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