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Almond & Semolina Halwa -

With the way the world is going lately, I have been looking a  lot for my inner Shakti (strength) because god knows we need every ounce of it. And it has got me thinking about how it is sometimes essential to step back and preserve your energy for the significant battles whose outcomes that could have a deeper impact on your life.



There is courage in understanding that not every battle needs to be fought, and sometimes just staying quiet to ride out the storm is also what strong people do. I find that there is a lot of strength in putting your head down and doing what you need to do without always making a big deal about it. There is also a lot of grace in understanding in accepting that many people around us are perhaps struggling harder than we are and as we acknowledge our struggles, it is essential to remember that others could be suffering too.



And since it is the festival of Navratri, the nine days when we celebrate the mother goddess and everything she embodies, it is essential to look inside our hearts and also appreciate the brave and not so brave people around us. As I was thinking and pondering, I felt it would be easy to mull over a delicious  ‘Almond & Semolina Halwa’ with jaggery and a lot of ghee in it. Because there is also courage in eating tasty treats floating in ghee without feeling any amount of guilt, don’t you agree?



Recipe  – Cooking time 30 minutes, serves 6- 8


1 ½ cup Almond meal

½ cup semolina

½ cup Ghee (Do not use oil)

1 cup powdered jaggery (you can use more, but I like the fact that the halwa was not sweet)

3 green cardamoms crushed

Slivered Almonds

Some crushed pistachio to garnish

½ cup Milk

2 1/2 cups water

Add the jaggery and water in a pan with the Cardamoms till the jaggery has dissolved. Heat the milk separately as adding it to the jaggery water may cause it to split. You can also use sugar if you wish to.

In another pan, add the semolina and dry roast it on a gentle flame, ensuring that it doesn’t burn. Do this for 5 minutes.

Add the almond meal and roast with the semolina for 5 more minutes, making sure it doesn’t burn.

Add ghee to this mix and keep stirring, and you will notice that the color of the mixture will change slightly to brown.

We need to add the Milk now and cook for 5 minutes and then add the water and jaggery mixture in batches. The halwa is slightly runny but will thicken as it sets.

Once done, sprinkle the almonds & pistachios.

Serve warm, but it also tastes delicious cold.