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The Modern Desi Dinner – Summer Menu 5

21 Dec 2019


Join The Modern Desi for Dinner

We welcome you to our home to celebrate an evening of conversations and dining with good food. We will take you on a journey to the different regions of India through food. We will delight your taste-buds with modern pairings of Indian and other cultural flavours. Let us take you beyond the perception of Indian food in Australia.

What we are eating

  • An assortment of Chutnies to start your evening
  • Shikanjini

Served with a Saffron Syrup and Lots of Ice. Our Rum Infused take on the Indian version of Lemonade.

  • Puchka

Crispy deep-fried balls filled with potatoes, sprouts & chutneys. Refreshing and Perfect to Perk up your Taste-Buds.

  • Aloo Gobi Chaat

A Salad of Cauliflower & Sweet potatoes on a bed of white pea mash and pickled greens. Our take of the very Punjabi Aloo Gobi.

  • Bombay Burger

Deep fried potato Dumplings coated in crispy Chickpea batter. A popular street food of Mumbai this is a vegetarian version of a Burger .

  • SolKadhi

Palate Cleanser. A refreshingly light drink popular in Maharashtra, preparing you for the Star of the Show.

  • Don’t Call Me Curry

The main course of every Indian meal. Salmon cooked in Yogurt & mustard served with Rice and Gujarati Mango Dal & Kulchas (stuffed flatbread)

  • Fudge

A fudge for summers, light and refreshing with a milk reduction Decadent Goodness

*Vegetarian options available upon request . 

**For all other dietary requirements, please contact us prior to booking.

***Note : Since we use fresh seasonal ingredients, the menu can sometimes change depending on what is available in the market.


How to join the Modern Desi for Dinner

Simply click on the “Book Now” button and enter your details. You will then receive a confirmation email with:

  • the address for your dinner with The Modern Desi
  • suggested beverage pairing to go with your feast
  • any other information to prepare you for your upcoming feast

Please note this is an adults only event. 


Yes, please ask away. Contact us with your queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.