How to cook Chickpeas (Chole) in Plastic gravy – while we change -

I know I said we are changing but that doesn’t mean, I am not cooking. Mind you now that I haven’t blogged for a month and have been dead at work my cooking has reduced considerably. We have been living on leftovers and the husband seems happy to just eat anything (I guess he knows the complains will fall on deaf ears).

Moreover I have really been preoccupied and absent minded of late. It feels like I am almost in a certain different plane and watching myself go about the daily grind. It is a happy feeling but sadly has been leading to a lot of embarrassing moments for me.

So last night as I was really craving for some good old chickpea curry I decided I will make it even though I had a busy work day. Unfortunately instead of having a delicious curry for dinner I ended up with a disaster in a plastic Gravy which lead to a few laughs at my expense. But I decided to blog about it anyways as I think everyone needs to have a good laugh once in a while right.


How to make the best Chole (chickpeas) in a PLASTIC gravy:

1) Take your best chickpea recipe that you think you can make in your sleep.
2) Decide to make it after a long day at work.
3) While day dreaming, roast and grind the dry masalas and boil the chickpeas.
4) while grinding the wet masala leave the small plastic top of the grinder inside the grinder jar.
5) Now grind the masala to a paste. When the husband points out to the strange noise that the grinder is making, give him the evil eye look because clearly you know what you are doing.
6) Now pour the wet masala in the pan with the ground plastic top and let the chickpea cook in the delicious plastic gravy.
7) At this stage when the husband mentions the odd smell coming from the gravy, remind him you are the boss in the kitchen.
8) Pick up the grinder to wash and notice the left over plastic top all shredded to pieces.
9) As the penny drops and the husband starts to laugh run towards the pan hoping the grinder didn’t pulverize everything which sadly it did.
10) Garnish the chickpeas in plastic gravy with some tears and some choice swear words and start cooking something else.

PS: Eating plastic is dangerous to health and no husbands were harmed in making of this dish.