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Strolling to Sydney’s fresh food markets

For me, Saturdays  are best spent with your loved ones around one of my most favourite things to do and see: food, glorious fresh food.

So, last Saturday I took myself off to indulge in all of the above. I visited one of Sydney’s most well known and long standing markets – The Carriageworks Farmers Markets.

The Carriageworks Markets

The weekly (every Saturday 8am – 1pm) Carriageworks Farmers Market is a Sydney institution. They provide the freshest seasonal produce from the best growers and producers from around NSW.

At the Carriageworks Farmers Market you can talk to the farmer firsthand and learn the stories behind your food. You can find organic and biodynamic produce. Also, you can indulge in artisan breads, boutique wines, single origin coffee and herbal teas. Then there’s the meat, eggs, freshly harvested honey and freshly cut flowers.

And boy did I talk my head off and ask questions to learn so many things about  local produce!

Curated by acclaimed chef Mike McEnearney, the Carriageworks Farmers Market follows a strict Market Charter. This is to ensure quality and uphold its connection to growers and producers.

What the markets stand for

Some of the conditions of the Charter include values which I love and embrace already, including:

  • AUTHENTICITY: The fundamental purpose of an authentic farmers market is to facilitate the purchase of produce direct from the farms and kitchens where the produce is grown, livestock raised or artisan products made.
  • ORIGIN: All produce for sale at the Carriageworks Farmers Market must be grown or raised within NSW/ACT.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Carriageworks Farmers Market believes that interaction between the farmer, chef or artisan producer and the customer is an essential part of the Market.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: Carriageworks Farmers Market recognises our impact on the environment and understands the importance of sustainable business practices especially with regards to water use, waste management and carbon emissions.
  • EXCELLENCE: The Carriageworks Farmers Market is committed to showcasing the very best and most innovative producers, chefs and artisans in NSW.
    With all of that in mind, I heartily shopped my way through the stalls, talked, ate and bought beautiful produce, including kale, tomatoes, cheese and freshly baked bread.

I highly recommend visiting the Carriageworks Farmers Market. They are free to enter. If you love everything about fresh food, eating and knowing where you food comes from, this is the place to visit.

More information: http://carriageworks.com.au/events/carriageworks-farmers-market/