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Failures from my kitchen – 1

Not all dishes work everytime, in your head and on paper the recipe sounds good. You put in all the right Ingredients and make sure that you follow all the steps. But when the final dish is done it fails to wow you and you don’t know why.
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This Gulab Jamun Ki sabzi is the dish that just didn’t work for me. Gulab Jamun is the much famed Indian dessert which is a sweet deep fried ricotta cheese balls that are drenched in sugar syrup and has been sighted several times on my dinner table. Ofcourse I have no idea how (must be stalking me as always).
Anyhoo I digress, so in Jodhpur you get a savoury version of this dish where it is not soaked in a sugar syrup but cooked in a gravy. I have eaten it thrice before in my life with my sister in law who is from Jodhpur and is a mind blowing cook. It is unique, delicious, has a rich decadent gravy which makes for an interesting discussion on how something that is usually a dessert can be dressed differently to make it into a completely savory dish.
So, for my supper club I wanted to wow my guests with this dish but then I guess I really didn’t think it through. It also didn’t help that I never called my sister in law to get the proper recipe and just relied on my non- existent Gulab Jamun making skills.
The end result was a bland blob of khoya ( milk solids) in a tomato gravy which was not sure about why it was hanging around with those Jamuns in the first place. The final dish did not make it to my supper club but definitely was not wasted either. I ate it some paneer stuffed paratha (cottage cheese stuffed flatbread) and a salad.
Also, the remaining fried dumplings were soaked in a leftover Saffron infused Sugar syrup which I make for the cocktail/mocktails and that also did not work really well. The only saving grace was the new pretty plates that Maxwell and williams official sent to me for Christmas. Hopefully the plates will be inspire me to cook dishes that will turn out edible and supper club worthy in future.