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Failures from my Kitchen – 2

One thing that I feel has been really amazing hosting ‘The Modern Desi Dinners’ in Sydney is the things that I am learning/discovering, which I would have never had an opportunity to  otherwise.

Like this bread in this picture.

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Originally I intended to make Bhature (deep-fried sourdough bread) for dinner last night but after I had rolled the buns and kept them for a while, ready to fry when serving the main course, they just fell flat. Thankfully I had a back up where I had prepared stuffed Kulchas, that I half cook and then finish at the time of service.

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After dinner was over and we had cleaned up, I forgot to put the dough back in the fridge. So, today morning when I woke up, the dough was smelling really sour. The frugal person in me did not want to waste it, so I kneaded it again and willed it into these oddly shaped Pooris or Bhatura or whatever else you would like to call them.


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The result was a deep-fried bread that was not oily,  had the distinctive sour taste with the insides looking bread-like. It was perfect with the Khaate Aloo Ki sabzi (Potatoes cooked in a tomato gravy) and a hot cup of chai.

A happy story of a dough that could have gone bad.