Meals for Melancholic days – Pan fried Parsley & Almond Crusted Salmon

Some days are meant for silent contemplations and reminiscing about lost souls and broken hearts. Thinking about people and places that meant a lot to you and dreaming about life and it’s many idiosyncrasies.  Some days are meant to be spent thinking about what was, what could be and what could have been.

1-IMG_1257-001Today was one of those days when I feel bogged down by life and the unending list of things to do. And on such days cooking something needs to be fuss free and stress less. Something that can be rustled up on a short notice and still be a treat not just for your stomach but also for your eyes.

1-Food 2This crispy Parsley & Almond meal coated Salmon is that meal for such despondent days. When food is not a desire but a necessity. It takes hardly anytime to put this meal together but is almost gratifying to the soul. The replacement of Almond meal instead of Bread crumbs keeps the fish moist and juicy and the Parsley and Lemon zest give it a kick that it so badly needs.

1-IMG_1055I roasted some Pumpkin & Onions in Olive Oil to go with the Fish and of course there was that Chilled Glass of wine to complete it. The recipe below is only for the Fish because I am sure everyone knows how to roast a Pumpkin

Recipe (Cooking time 20 minutes, marination time 15 minutes)

2 Fillet of Salmon with the skin

Zest of 1 Lemon

4 tsp French Mustard

3/4  cup Almond meal (you can use Bread crumbs too)

½ cup freshly chopped Parsley

Salt & Pepper to taste

1 tbsp Olive Oil to shallow fry

1 Lemon to garnish

Wash the fish and pat dry on both sides.

In a plate add the Almond meal, Lemon Zest, Parsley, Salt & pepper and mix well.

Place the Salmon on top of this mixture and add the Mustard on it. Now gently slather the Mustard on the Salmon and then coat it with the Almond meal mixture ensuring the entire fish is coated well.

Marinate for 15 minutes.

When ready to cook, heat the Olive oil in a pan and shallow fry the Salmon 10 minutes on each side till crispy and done. I like to cover the Salmon while cooking it so the steam generated in the pan is trapped by the lid and cooks the Salmon properly. You can also bake the Salmon in the oven as you wish.

The cooking time if the Salmon depends on its size and thickness. The thicker the piece the longer it takes to cook.

Serve hot with some Lemons  and roasted Vegetables.

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