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Menulog & Chutney Mary’s Indian Restaurant Rockingham Review -

I recently got an opportunity from Menulog, the premium Australian food delivery service to use their website and order a takeaway from any restaurants that would deliver in my vicinity. They were kind enough to give me a $50 voucher to use at my disposal.

MenulogHaving never used the site before I was pretty excited to see how it will work. I picked up “Chutney Mary’s Indian Restaurant” which is a popular Indian restaurant in Perth. I used the Rockingham restaurant for my order which was the closest. The entire process of placing an order on the website took less than 10 minutes. Easy to use with seamless navigation, it took away the stress of finding a phone number of the local restaurant, checking out their menu and then calling up and trying to place an order.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe total bill was $54 out of which I only had to pay $4. The website clearly stated that I would get a confirmation from the restaurant about my order and the food will be delivered by 8.53 pm. I promptly had a confirmation from the restaurant in 3 minutes and the order was delivered to me earlier than expected by a smartly dressed young man who handed me the order with a smile and thanked me before he left.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI ordered a hearty meal of Chicken curry, Dum Aloo, Saffron Rice, 2 Naans and Cucumber raita and the restaurant added a bag of free Poppadums, which was appreciated.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Portion size:

The portion size of the mains was substantial and 2 people could easily have a big meal out of what was delivered.

Food quality/Taste:

Chicken curry – The chicken curry came smothered in so much oil that I had to mop the plastic container a few times before I could even open it. The curry was fiery red and the Chicken was cooked well. However since there was so much oil in the curry and so many different species my taste buds were confused about the taste. The website stated it was a home style chicken curry in light mildly spiced gravy and I expected it to have subtle simple flavors but this dish was anything but simple. It was quiet a robust and loud dish. Nevertheless we liked it much better then the Dum Aloo.

Dum Aloo – The Dum Aloo as expected was sweet as the menu stated it would be stuffed with raisins and covered in a rich Mughal sauce. The sauce was mild and sweet but there was no vow factor in this dish which can be a stunner if made well. Since the dish was really heavy, we could not eat all of it and were unable to finish it. There was no presentation or garnish on the dish so it just looked like a few potatoes floating in the gravy helplessly looking confused, begging to be rescued.

Naan – The naan sizes were pretty big and the naan was soft and broke easily.

Saffron rice – The rice had very distinctive notes of Saffron which tasted delicious. In fact the Dum Aloo tasted better with the rice. I was very impressed with the rice and this is something I would have happily ordered again.

Cucumber Rice – While ordering the Raita, I was prompted for spicy or hot. I found that a bit odd as Raita is supposed to be a coolant. We do add some green chillies to give it a little bit of heat but it isn’t supposed to be spicy. As I did not have much of a choice I selected spicy and prayed for the best. The raita delivered to me was sweet, which is something I was not prepared for at all. But it was refreshing and we ate it.

Poppadums – The Poppadums were crispy and crunch and were thoroughly enjoyed.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetMy verdict 

Website – The Menulog service was fabulous. The whole process was simple with easy to follow steps that even a baby could place an order without getting lost.

Service – The service was friendly, efficient and prompt. The order was confirmed and was delivered before the expected delivery time while the food was still hot which was great.

Food – The food was average. I was overwhelmed by the Spices in the chicken curry and just couldn’t get past how sweet the Dum Aloo was. The food didn’t feel satisfying and it was not one of the best Indian food I had ever eaten. It felt heavy and the flavours were intense.

Repeat order – I if ever order from this restaurant again it will definitely not be Chicken curry and Dum Aloo. I will however be using Menulog frequently now as the ordering process was a piece of cake.

Here is a dummy’s guide to placing your first order using Menulog:

Go to www.menulog.com and enter your post code.

You will now see a list of restaurants from your local area with their respective menus.

Select the restaurant you wish to order from using their online menu.

Select the delivery time, you can order several days in advance if you wish.

Select your relevant payment option, check out and pay.

You will receive an SMS confirmation for your order with the time it will be delivered.

Now sit back and unwind with that bottle of wine while the food is delivered to your home.

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Disclaimer: This is an incentivised post in partnership with www.menulog.com. The restaurant was not aware of the review. This is the author’s personal view of the food ordered on the said day.