Mumbai lives on Energee – The favorite drink of Mumbai -

The question that Fotobaba asked me when we started traveling around Mumbai is “What is the favorite drink of Mumbai?”. And the first thing that came to my mind was a chilled bottle of “Energee”. Obviously he had never tasted or even heard about what Energee was, so we set out looking for the very popular “Aarey Stalls” that sold it.


Started as an Animal Husbandry Scheme by the government of Maharashtra “Aarey Milk Colony” was a very successful initiative to provide fresh and healthy milk to Mumbai. To further encourage the city to drink Milk, they came out with this chilled flavored milk called “Energee”. In the sweltering hot Mumbai heat, this drink used to be nirvana for your tired body. Sadly with the advent of fancy coffee shops the small time vendors selling it has now dwindled down to a few.

Thankfully we found a stall outside the “Gateway of India” that sold Energee, and we had our fill of the Butterscotch flavoured one. And I noticed standing in that shop amongst a crowd of merry soft drink guzzlers that we were the only 2 people who were getting high on a chilled bottle of memories.