Masala Dabba – Spice Box




  • Stainless Steel Spice Organizer Container Masala Dabba with Lid and 7 Container Box is an essential accessory to any kitchen. It is versatile, space saving and stylish which make easy storing of spices in 7 canisters.
  • Can be washed and easy to maintain
  • Food grade steel, with See Through Lid
  • Finished look spice organizer box for kitchen with 7 separable containers
  • Light weight masala dabba easy to carry and use for small utility – Large size with a spoon
  • Ideal for Spice storage for chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and garam masala
  • Comes with our homemade Garam Masala

Additional information

Weight 10 kg


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