Quick & Easy Sweet Potato & Pesto Pasta

Somedays I feel that everything is just pointless. I mean we crave for real connections and devote all our time and energy in virtual ones. We hope to live a fulfilling a real life but spend most of it shackled behind our desks. We crave for good food, and then we starve ourselves to go on so many diets to be healthy and fit. What is the point of all this right? But then we all must do what we have to do.



And such thoughts become even more profound on long days when you are so mentally and physically exhausted that you want to crawl under a rock, but then hunger pangs strike and one has to move that god damn rock to eat. Because let’s face it a girl needs to eat even under a rock.



So, after coming home from work and moping around for a while, I opened a desolate looking fridge. There were some leftovers, but I was not in the mood.




I remembered that the lovely Sneh from cookrepublic had made a pasta with pesto & potatoes. So after checking her blog, I realised I could make dinner happen with the ingredients I had. I boiled the pasta, tossed it in a store-bought sauce, added some sweet potatoes & spinach and ended up making a deliciously hearty meal. I overate and polished it all off with a glass of wine. 




Recipe Inspiration : Cookrepublic (Cooking time 30 minutes, serves 2 generous portions)

250 Gms fresh pasta (cook as per packet instructions)

1 large Sweet potato, peeled and diced

1 cup of freshly chopped spinach (I used baby spinach leaves)

2 garlic cloves finely chopped

1 small jar of Red or Green Pesto (190 G)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Grated Cheese

1 tbsp Olive Oil


Cook the pasta as per the packet instructions, drain the water and keep aside

Fry or bake the Sweet potatoes in the olive oil and keep aside

In the same pan add the pesto sauce. Don’t add any Oil as the pesto sauce will have a lot of oil, usually I scoop up the extra oil with a spoon and throw it away. Heat for 5 – 10 minutes on a low flame.

If using Indian spinach add it in the Pesto sauce now

Add the Pasta, sweet potatoes and if using baby spinach leaves add them now.

Mix well, season with Pepper & Salt and sprinkle some fresh cheese before serving.


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