Something Sweet with White Chocolate Kheer (Chocolate Rice Pudding)

The lure of sweets is unending isn’t it? Whether it is sweet nothings whispered in one’s ears, a sweet, soft kiss planted firmly on the lips or something sinfully sweet that one gets to taste. The more we avoid eating desserts, the more we want them.

1-IMG_9876Can you imagine waking up to a morning where there is nothing sweet to taste at all? I certainly cannot. And even though I am mostly a good girl who can control the temptation and not give into the cravings, there are times when even I have to give in. And this season of festivals which is now open us does not help at all.

1-IMG_9871And while I cannot bake glorious cakes or amazing looking pastries in my kitchen I can make a very nice Kheer (Rice Pudding). Maybe it is because one doesn’t need to put really in any effort in making Kheer. I mean how hard can it be to boil Milk and add Sugar and Rice and let them all work together in a mushy slushy delicious treat that Kheer is.


Since Kheer was on the agenda for Ganesh Chaturthi, I decided not to go the traditional route and add some White Chocolate to it to make it richer than it usually is. And what a sinful treat it was. I am sure Lord Ganesha would have also been pleased with this something sweet.

Recipe (cooking time 60 minutes, serves 6)

1 liter full-fat Milk (If you chose not use full-fat then don’t make this Kheer at all)

½ cup plain uncooked Rice

½ cup Sugar

½ cup white Chocolate Chips

1 Vanilla bean pod

Handful of Pistachios slivers for decoration

Heat Milk in a deep bottomed pan. Once the Milk comes to a boil reduce the heat and let the Milk thicken till it is almost ¾ of the volume.

Now add the Rice and let it cook for 10 – 15 minutes. Scrape off the beans from pod and add it to the Rice.

Add the Sugar and Chocolate chips once the Rice is almost done. Cook for another 10 minutes till the Chocolate and Sugar is disolved.

Serve hot garnished with Pistachios.

Tips: Since we have add Chocolate chips to the pudding you will find that the Pudding will become really thick and stodgy when kept in the fridge. Add warm water or milk to heat the Rice Pudding before you want to serve it again.

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