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I started to blog because I missed India terribly. The sights, the sounds, the smells and everything that was familiar was miles away from me, and I had to do something to keep those memories alive. This blog soon became an extension of me and through it I tried to showcase the variety and diversity that Indian food has.

1-FotoBaba CollabOver the course of time, I expanded to other social media channels and met and interacted with a lot of smart, intelligent, creative and passionate people like me, who loved what they did.  Some people become friends, and some acquaintances, some inspired and some made me realize that I was getting better at what I did.

_GKP0679I met “Fotobaba” through his Facebook Page and the first thing that caught me was the vibrancy in his pictures. All his photographs were alive with colors and faces from India, and they seemed real. We somehow connected and over time understood that both of us loved our roots, and while my passion was food and writing, his was capturing the mundane and making it look extraordinary. So we decided to collaborate and do something that showcases our shared interest to anyone who wanted to know about the land that we both call home.

_GKP0703Starting this month, we will be doing a series of images and writings on ‘Street Foods of India’.  Where I will share pictures taken by Fotobaba, and he will share my words with our readers/viewers who enjoy our work.

_GKP0626This month’s theme is “Fried Food of India” because lets face it we love our fried stuff. As a nation, we Indians are enthralled by deep fried food. There is a constant game of seduction that we play with it is not stop. We know that anything fried is not good for our bodies but temptation to eat it, gets to us more often than not. Not sure if it is the sizzling sound that food makes when it has the first contact with Oil. Or is it the smell that emanates from in the process of frying or maybe just the sight of an enormous wok filled with bubbling hot oil spilling all over the place that eventually leads to our downfall.

_GKP0715We can fry almost everything and then eat it with a variety of dips and chutneys. And most people love to buy these goodies from vendors rather than making it at home. Go to any region in India and you will find exclusive shops or roadside vendors that are legendary for feeding this obsession that we have as a food loving country.

_GKP0652Follow us on this blog and our social media handles and explore this journey that we have embarked upon which is full of food, food and some more food.

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