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Tandoori Chicken with Shan masalas -

What are the three dishes that you associate Punjabis with? I am sure it would be:

Rajma Chawal (Kidney Beans and rice)

Butter Chicken, I know I don’t need to translate that


Tandoori Chicken  (Chicken cooked in a clay oven)

However contrary to popular belief, you won’t find us making Butter Chicken or Tandoori Chicken in our homes every day. Hell, most Punjabis have never made Tandoori Chicken at home because we can get it so easily in restaurants back home.


The later two dishes are also very popular in Australia. However, the amount of colour used in the dishes by both restaurants is very off-putting to me. I hate it when I bite a piece of Chicken my hands are stained with red colour. Hence, as a result, we never order any of these dishes whenever we eat Indian food at a local restaurant.


So when I received a pack of Tandoori Chicken as a Buy 3 get 1 promotion offer from Shan masalas, I was still a bit unsure if I wanted to use it. I have been using Shan masalas for a few months now and have sort of started to trust its products as all the dishes I have made have come out really well.



And I thought why not? After all, I had not eaten a good Tandoori Chicken in years and after having watched this video on how easy it is to make fabulous meals with Shan masalas, I had to try.


I was so glad that I trusted the brand and made the Chicken. Although the recipe on the box called for Red colour, I skipped it, However the Chicken was still beautifully red and juicy when roasted. The masala was not overpowering but beautifully subtle, the Chicken melting in our mouth made for a delightful dinner.


Recipe (Cooking time 30 minutes, serves 6)


1 ½ Kg Chicken (Skinless cut into 8 – 12 portions, make a slit on each piece)

1 cup plain yogurt

5 – 6 Tablespoons Lemon Juice

½ tsp Red food colour No.6 (Optional)

Cooking Oil/Melted Butter 4 – 6 Tablespoons

Shan Tandoori masala  mix 1 packet (Do not mix with water)


Mix the Lemon Juice, food colour if using and the Shan Tandoori masala. Apply to the Chicken pieces and prick the chicken with a toothpick to ensure the Chicken is coated well. Set aside for 30 minutes.

Apply the yogurt and set aside for 3 hours or even overnight if you want to.

Arrange the pieces in a tray and discard the marinade.

Preheat the oven at 350 degrees F apply oil to the Chicken pieces and bake for 25 – 30 minutes under the high setting of a grill or on a barbecue.

Serve hot with Green chutney.