Chutney Diaries Part 1 – Coconut and Coriander Dip

I am not sure whether I should even do this post because this post is about the very basic Coconut & Coriander Chutney (dip) that is a part of every Indian household. It is so delicious and tangy and goes with almost everything.

I serve it with Kabbabs, Parathas, Idlis, Dosas and sometimes just lather it on Bread with Butter and serve it as a quick breakfast. I do get compliments for this Chutney every time I make it with requests of refilling the little bowl in which I serve it. It is my reliable accompaniment for every dinner party I throw.

The best thing about this Chutney is that there is no cooking needed. All you do is put everything in a blender and grind it all together and it is ready. There are so many ways to make this Chutney but I am sharing my way. It has a lovely fresh flavour and will last in your fridge for a week.

Coconut & Coriander Chutney Recipe (no cooking required Ready in 10 minutes)

1 ½ cup freshly desiccated Coconut (I used a small packed of frozen coconut brought from the local Indian store that I thawed)

1 small bunch of Coriander or a cup size of chopped Coriander

1 big Onion chopped in chunky pieces (As the Onion will be ground I don’t slice it thinly)

½ cup freshly chopped Mint (optional)

3 Green Chillies (you can use more if you want the chutney to be spicy)

4 Garlic cloves

Salt to taste

Juice of half a Lemon (you may need a bit more if the Chutney is too spicy)

½ cup water


Put all the ingredients together in a grinder and blitz till they have blended well to form a smooth chunky paste. Use a clean spoon to taste if the Chutney is not too spicy. Adjust Salt or Lemon Juice if needed, you can add more water if the Chutney is very thick. However keep in mind to not add too much water as the Chutney is supposed to be like a thick dip and not a runny paste.

There you go your Chutney is ready to be served as a dip with a variety of food.


One thought on “Chutney Diaries Part 1 – Coconut and Coriander Dip

  1. The list of ingredients sdunos amazing. Looking at it can’t tell there are so many fruits and nuts and spices; color of cilantro seems dominant! I don’t have any dried fruits at home, will get next time … honestly tempted to try this one.

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