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These Kachoris from a street called Desire -

Say hello to “Ashlil Kachoris”, deep fried stuffed pastries so good that they are almost Vulgar. I mean how can something so sinful, something so bad for you be so good that it can make you swoon. In the deep labyrinths of old Delhi’s “Paranthe wali gali”, the street of desire, that sold stuffed flat breads fried in Ghee, we watched the unpretentious pot bellied Kachori wala, move his hands in perfect symphony.



Like a conductor conducting the best orchestra of his life, his fingers stayed firm on the ladle ensuring that all the Kachoris got the same loving treatment. Instead of 20 trained musicians, the huge wok of Oil brimming with Kachoris did his bidding, till all of them blushed a dark shade of Brown ready to be served to an enthralled audience.



Dipped in a bowl of bright yellow “Heeng Wale Aloo”, (Potatoes cooked with Asafoetida), a spicy, pungent preparation of Potatoes the Kachoris looked like bites of heaven that needed to be devoured. The flakiness of the Kachoris cut through the sharpness of the Potatoes with every single bite bringing tears of happiness to my eyes. I somehow managed to stumble out of the crowded street happy with the knowledge that I had eaten something so deliciously addictive that if I were to die today, I would happily meet my maker with a tummy full of Kachoris and know that I had achieved my purpose in life.